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Telegram Marketing

Telegram Marketing

You can create a seamless omnichannel brand experience for your customer base. Whether they are already inside your business ecosystem or need a push to return, our messaging and engagement solutions can help.

messaging bot
multiple groups telegram channel
Group your telegram subscribers for further marketing purpose.​
send telegram info
Send text message, photo, video & documents are among the functions of telegram marketing in iCRM.
telegram channel templates
iCRM offers telegram template for users to preset Telegram messages.​
schedule message telegram channel
Schedule message can be defined to deliver messages on Saturday or Sunday with scheduling email features.
icrm integrate telegram qr subscribe

Get User to Subscribe Your Telegram

Get user to subscribe to your Telegram account, or by scanning the QR Code that is automatically generated beside the Telegram account after you have saved it. You can display the QR Code anywhere for your customers, employees, or anyone to scan to subscribe to your channel.

Multiple Groups

You can define custom group such as “single”, “with kids”, “VIP”, etc. then user can be attached to multiple groups. When you send Telegram, you can choose from group or user list.

send telegram info

Send Telegram Info

You can send photo, video, documents, or PDF files to your users. You can choose to send files that is uploaded or in any website. Simply paste the link into the textbox and type the message to send Telegram. This makes your Telegram Marketing campaigns easier to handle and quicker to execute.

Schedule Message

You can set schedule message to send on time. It is always a good idea to identify ideal time to send a message. You can deliver your message anytime such as at night or weekend with scheduling email features.

Auto Reply

When a contact subscribes or sends a message to you, you can configure the A.I. bot to reply automatically with preset questions or documents. The message can then be processed by an A.I. bot. You can contact us to design your bot according to your needs.

Telegram Templates

You may save preset messages into telegram template and use it later. You can save templates as many as you want. For example, templates such as wishes for New Year, promotion, launching new product and so forth. You can directly choose the template and send out to customer easily.

Receiving Message, Photo, Video, Documents, and Conversation History

When user send message back to you, it is recorded in database, the attachment is linked. However, if it is not viewed, it may be removed from Telegram.

CRM Contact List

User List vs Contact List

Once anyone subscribed to your channel, he or she is listed inside your user list. You have their username, but you will not get their phone number. You may start conversation with your customers now. If you would like to setup auto reply, iCRM allows you to select actions and questions to automatically interact with your customers. You can pick action like asking for a phone number, or other with auto reply form. Contact list is your regular contact that you have in your contact database. It can be connected to your Telegram Marketing user list by phone number.

vocotext telegram user list

The process of using Telegram

Step 1: Get customers scan your QR Code

  1. Scan the QR Code
  2. Click the START Button
  3. User can send message to your Telegram now

Step 2: Obtain a List of Users

  1. Username will appear in the user list after scanning the QR Code
  2. Only username will show in the user list
  3. You can click Conversation to start sending messages to the user

Step 3: Send Bulk Telegram Message Periodically

  1. Instead of sending message one-by-one, you can choose to send bulk message to multiple users
  2. Choose the template, contact group, or even attach with the image, video, or document

Auto Reply Setup

Sample of Auto Reply with keyword “Inquiry”

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