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Telegram Bot Setup

Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot Setup

The procedure of setting up a Telegram account is simple. You can set up a Telegram bot account yourself, or you can get our team to set up the account for you.

telegram bot setup

Create Telegram Bot API

Step 1:

Visit BotFather in Telegram Search BotFather at the search bar, choose BotFather with blue verified badge and click START.

Step 2:

Send command /newbot to create a Telegram bot.

Step 3:

Give your bot a name, for example, Dahlia Bot.

Step 4:

Create a unique username for your bot and it must end in “bot”.

Step 5:

Copy Telegram API Key.

Step 6:

Insert Telegram API Key and Bot Name to our System.

A QR code will be generated for the user to scan.

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