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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SME & Corporate Business SMS Marketing

Deliver a consistent brand experience with sms marketing campaigns that works on mobile and the web.
CRM Contact List

POS System Terminal SMS Marketing

POS Market has integrated Bulk SMS Malaysia iSMS service into its POS System Terminal. SMS open rates is higher and you can send SMS marketing materials to multiple clients with just a click. Our SMS System will be able to help you track and manage the contact data all in one place. Besides that, you could also re-market the same contact list to launch a loyalty program
vocotext sms marketing one click subscription

One Click Subscription

Generate QR code, or links with U20.Me and let your customers, clients subscribe to your address book easier. The QR code is linked to a subscription form, your user will fill up the form to complete the subscription.
vocotext sms marketing short code long cde

Bulk SMS Short Codes

Get your SMS Short Code e.g. 228833 and start meaningful interactions with your customers! With Short Code, the probability of your message reaching the audiences are higher which allows you to send bulk messages in a short period compared to Long Code number.
vocotext email to sms marketing

Email to SMS

This feature enables to trigger SMS alert when sending Email to your customers. This allows you to contact any of your customers or customer groups conveniently for any marketing campaigns.
vocotext global sms marketing

Global SMS Coverage

iSMS has SMS service in various countries especially in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. We are confident in providing you reliable SMS service in this region with affordable plans.
vocotext sms marketing auto respond

SMS Auto Responder

Automate your respond to your customers to show quick and efficient service. Our SMS System will send automated response message when your receivers replies a specific keyword to your number.
vocotext sms marketing free demo

Free Demo Upon Request

Please feel free to complete the form for the demo request.
Malaysia Toll-Free: 1800 87 7061
Kuala Lumpur: +603 2780 3880
Email: [email protected]

vocotext sms marketing secured

Reliable SMS Service

We are providing the best and reliable SMS service route, so you do not need to worry about slow sending rate when delivering your messages. Just make sure your customers contact numbers are accurate and all conditions are met, then your SMS shall be delivered correctly.
vocotext sms marketing real time report

Multiple Analysed SMS Real-Time Delivery Reports

iSMS provides various comprehensive SMS delivery reports such as SMS daily reports, prefix reports, monthly reports, user reports and more. You can also track the SMS status such as Delivered, Undelivered, Pending, Sent, and Failed.
vocotext sms marketing multi group

Sub Account, Department, Multi-users

Adding sub accounts under a main user are very demanding especially an expanding company. With iSMS service, you can share and allocate credits to every department or salesperson’s sub account for separate use.

The process of using Telegram


Show QR code to user to scan

You need to create a telegram account for your business

Get the user list

You will know their username only

Send Telegram Message periodically

Maintain customer rapport

Auto Reply Setup

Create Keyword for your Auto Reply

e.g.: Subscribe

Create Introduction Message

Suspendisse sagittis vel lacinia. Integer sit amet ante elit. Praesent pulvinar congue risus, in tristique.

Create Question List To collect information

For example: a. Contact information b. Address c. Age d. Other information

Insert Photo, Video, Document URL

When necessary

Create Complete Message

To end the conversation with the users.

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Contact us and our Support Team will be able to guide you

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