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General Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the communication tools setup complex?

Our Support Team will provide step-by-step guidance and assistance on the account set-up.

How much is the monthly charges?

You may contact our Toll-Free 1800 87 7061 or email at [email protected] for more information.

Do I need to install any software to send messages?

No software installation is needed, it can be done through the web browser. Just make sure you have an internet connection to send out your message to receivers.

Telegram Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send bulk messages to multiple receivers?

Yes, you can send messages to multiple receivers at one time by selecting all the users in your contact list.

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How the Telegram works?

Simple! You get the users to subscribe your Telegram account by scanning the QR code. Once they subscribe, their usernames will appear in the system, and you can start the conversation with them.

WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions

Can the communication tools be accessed by multiple employees?

Yes, multiple employees can access the system through a web browser to reply to customers.

Is WhatsApp Business API secure?

WhatsApp Business API is secured to use for communication as messages are end-to-end encrypted.

What are the USPs of using WhatsApp Business API?

  • It enables Verified Business Account
  • Allows multiple users to access the system from multiple devices
  • Message templates are approved before sending
  • Capable of crafting a rich message which can also include images, video or files within the same communication.

What is a Template Message?

Message Template is used to start a new conversation with the users or reconnect back with your users more than 24 hours after their last message send to you. All the template message must be approved by WhatsApp before send out to the users.

What is Session Message?

Session Message allows you to reply user message within 24-hour window without any restrictions.

Email & SMS Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule my email message?

Yes, you can schedule messages to be delivered at a specified time and date up to a year in advance. We retain unsent messages until the scheduled delivery date and for up to 90 days after delivery if you schedule a message to be sent later.

What mobile number format should be used when creating contact list or sending any messages?

Use the country code and mobile (e.g 60171122334). In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,).

How many characters can we fit in a message?

One SMS credit will use up to 153 characters. If there is 154 characters, the text message will use 2 credits and so on. There is an indicator that states clearly when typing your message such as how many characters you have used and how many credits your text will use up so you can edit this accordingly.

Will my credits expire?

All SMS credit purchase comes with 1 year validity. When you recharge (add new credits) your account then 1 year validity will be effective upon the recharge date. Also, existing credits will be carried forward.

Do I need a mobile phone?

You do not need a mobile phone. SMS are sent and received via iSMS gateway. It is all web based so you do not need to download anything. All you need is an internet enabled PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone.

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